Tuesday, September 24, 2013



Statement by the Slobodan Milosevic International Committee

The world is facing one of the gravest threats in its history. Aggression against Syria by hordes of terrorists trained, supplied and paid by the Western Corporate Empire – US with its NATO, Zionist and Wahhabite proxies, threatens to turn into full scale war that will ignite a powder keg in the Middle East and trigger a nuclear war between America and Russia.
The American and western propaganda machine has used the phrase “positive Kosovo experience” to try to justify its aggression. Indeed, the aggressions against Yugoslavia/Serbia and Syria have many things in common – from sending extremists from abroad to destabilize harmonic multiethnic societies, to lies about the “regime” disseminated by Western media and politicians, turning the treatment of the nation’s leader from respected partner and “factor of peace” into “butcher” and “dictator”.  Finally, when the terrorists are almost defeated, the threat of massive use of American and vassal state military force appears, bypassing the UN Security Council. The false stories of massacres of civilians by the regime, were used to demonise Serbia as we saw at Racak, just as they have been used at Ghouta to demonise the Syrian government. These propaganda techniques are themselves war crimes and are designed to generate support for the planned aggression. In addition, the Syrian people, like the Serbian people who bravely resisted the US&NATO aggression in 1999, are united around their government and its determined resistance.

But there is a major difference – the world is not the same as it was in 1999.  The financial mechanisms that western imperialist capital has used to exploit the world for its profit are broken. The USA and the EU are experiencing severe economic, social and moral convulsions. Another major war is needed to maintain America’s supremacy as the armed enforcer of western capital. If America can kill and destroy with impunity, the collapse of western finances would be delayed, and countries in fear of its power would keep using the worthless dollars and taking credits from the vampire-banks. The attempt at world dictatorship of western oligarchy would continue. But the balance of forces has shifted.  China, India, Brazil have grown quickly into sovereign economic, political and military powers. America and its principal ally Britain are in steep decline. In spite of the controlled western mainstream media, people around the globe reject imperialist aggression and war propaganda, influencing their governments to distance from the dangerous American war threat, so even the British Parliament voted against the war for the first time in more than 200 years. And most importantly, Russia has recovered its ability and determination to act again as a sovereign superpower, and has accepted the challenge of facing and resisting the monster empire, not only for its own interests, but on behalf of mankind threatened by a new fascism.
The “democratic” mask of Dr. Jekyll has, once again, been lifted to reveal the capitalist, imperialist, “neo-liberal” face of Mr. Hyde in all its depravity. The imperialists, acting through all their various secret societies, Trilateral commissions, Bilderberg groups, banksters, narco-mafias, are now openly acting in favor of death and against the people of the world and the people of America itself in order to save their power. Their true aims are exposed. Their empire is doomed. All free nations and free people everywhere from Latin America to China, have found their voices long suppressed by fear. They must unite now, resist and win – a just World, based on International Law, and the respect for humanity that we all had hoped would be established after the victory over fascism in 1945. One cannot serve both good and Mammon.

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