Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Rice-Benghazi or Rice-Kigali?




The unaddressed tension in the room, like in one of the final investors meetings of the Madoff Fund, comes from the growingly corrosive conflict between Private Enterprise and the Public Weal.  In the so-called developed world there is almost nothing left of the ‘Duties of the Crown’, as my friend Pierre Péan refers to Government Social Services, that has not been taken over by Private (often sectarian or religious, tax-exempted) Entrepreneurs.  In fact, once Public or Social functions, like Education, Law Enforcement and Corrections, even Civil Security in the waging of international war and providing for national defense, have been refinanced and rebranded so many times, and gone so long without showing any operating advantages over Public Ownership and Administration (nationalization), that one cannot help but feel we have been sold a time-share in Capitalist Hell.

This last election was a perfect example of how, even when a vulture capitalist, the spitting image of Big Business unrepentently come-out as Organized Crime is pitted against a Legal Scholar and Social Organizer, a man whose whole history is in the service of the exploited and indentured, nary a word is uttered about this dialectical opposition—this Hegelian showdown between Master and Slave. 

Gov. Romney’s campaign was based on exclusion through a sectarian suppression of suffrage, while President Obama’s, though the media, using the polls and the pols, would try to minimize and otherwise distort it any which way they could, was the very essence of bourgeois Democracy:  Inclusion through Secularism, Universal Suffrage, and Majority Rule. 

The President won reelection convincingly (a mandate arguably greater than his first because the prospect of a reelection defeat was now gone), but his victory was not a reflection of any great successes in bringing about change in the disastrous directions the US has been taking for a very long time.  And all his attentions to domestic policies, like healthcare and the various crises in the financing (or lack thereof) of American production, distribution and consumption (or lack thereof), kept him from really addressing the morbid late-stage malignancy that has been torturing US Foreign and Military policies, with their instincts for endless global wars against amorphous enemies to advance the irrational Privatization of daily life and the consequent mass-liquidation of superfluous innocents.

However, it will soon become clear if President Obama’s intentions to change the self-destructive direction in which institutionalized Foreign and Military policies have been leading the nation, since at least the end of the Cold War, on a trajectory that has turned US economic culture into a long, pointless episode of "The Walking Dead," but has also eventuated in the physical, infrastructural decimation of many non-aligned, independent-minded nations like Iraq, Rwanda, Yugoslavia, Libya, Syria, now Israeli-occupied Palestine, and soon, perhaps, Iran.

Before the current aggression against the Palestinians in Gaza, about which, as should have been expected, the President has listlessly mouthed the lyrics to those loony tunes right out of the DoD and State Dept. hymnal about Israel’s right to defend itself against terrorist rockets—as he did with those merry melodies from the propaganda play-list about the monstrous tyrants Gaddafi and Assad’s slaughtering their own people—the very people who overwhelmingly supported them, thus necessitating NATO intervention to fix their mass hysteria with their mass deaths.  But if it were not for these mad, contorted non-issues based on false-flags, false-controversies and false-consciousness, inside the amphitheatres of Western discourse there would be only silence.

The asthmatic breathing, that seeming death rattle coming from the geriatric unto moribund Republicans over Susan Rice vis à vis Benghazi-gate is just such a FALSE CONTROVERSY—but one that ALMOST GUARANTEES her disastrous promotion to be President Obama's second Secretary of State. Just as Hillary Clinton, nominated for the post out of some smokey backroom Democratic Convention deal, should have been rejected by the Senate for her lies about coming under Serb sniper fire on her arrival in Tuzla, BiH, in 1996; so should Rice be rejected for her long-standing support of the blood-thirsty Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) and it ghoulish, mendacious leader, the current president of Rwanda and indicted war criminal, Paul 'Pontius Pilate' Kagame, whose support for the predominantly Tutsi M23 'rebel' group (once headed by another indicted war criminal, Laurent Nkunda) in eastern Congo, has recently provoked disagreeable attention from the UN (concerns that Rice worked hard to suppress) and caused several of Rwanda's Western sponsors to withhold promised support.

One of the reasons Benghazi-gate is a still-born issue is because the US/Israeli security interests involved in this latest Mossad strike against American military and diplomatic assets (like Beirut in 1983, Dar es Salaam and Nairobi in 1998, and NYC and DC in 2001) will override any significant revelations as to what Chris Stevens and the three CIA-trained Seals who perished on that day were doing in that rented villa in Libya's second city and just with whom they all had been doing business.

But to drill through the roots and lance the abscesses that have been inflaming US Foreign and Military policies, it must be noted how Privatization has infected these once governmental security concerns and why they will not be  effectively addressed.  Specifically:

1) That Tuzla, BiH, known, at the time of the Balkan wars, as the spiritual capital of Bosnia's mujahadeen, was, after the so-called Genocide of 8000 Bosnian Muslims at Srebrenica in July 1995, the destination for many Bosnia Army survivors of that months-long stand-off against Gen. Ratko Mladic's Drina Corps. This northern Bosnian town has since become the home of one of NATO's largest bases, Eagle Air Base, from which an important number of bombing sorties over Iraq and Afghanistan have been launched, and will certainly come into play significantly as hostilities mount against Iran and Syria and throughout the ME and N. Africa.

2) That Susan Rice, through the US DoD and State Department, as well as her close ties with USAID and the Christian fundamentalists at the US Committee for Refugees, rather than demurring from intervention in the 1994 Rwandan slaughter by refusing to use the 'G'-word, actually promoted mass murder by clearing the path for Kagame and his Ugandan NRA regulars, along with various African PMCs (mercs) working through Africom (then Centcom) and their US and Belgian advisors, as well as a heavily-biased UN Peacekeeping Force, to take the Rwandan capital city of Kigali (in a battle that some have compared to the Nazi sieges of Moscow and Stalingrad), assassinate the sitting presidents of Rwanda and Burundi (along with the Chief of Staff of the Rwandan military in an enormous terrorist act that the UN to this day has not seen fit really to investigate), and, with a final onslaught against the majority MRND party and the Forces Armées Rwandaises (the FAR, the Rwandan government Army), trigger one of the largest mass slaughters in History—upward of five million innocent dead to-date in Rwanda, Eastern Congo and the entire region of the African Great Lakes.  And the cover up of this enormous crime against Humanity continues with the complicity of the UN and the International Community by way of the illegal proceeding before the ad hoc Tribunals in Arusha and The Hague, for Rwanda and Yugoslavia, respectively.

So, the reason President Obama and the US Congress must reject Susan Rice as the next US Secretary of State, a gesture essential to any hoped-for eradication of the poisonous tree that has become US Foreign and Military Policies—Western Security Policies, in general—is that the blood of millions of innocent civilians (as well as millions of soldiers, many of them still children, unjustly conscripted to fight against their own or their nation's best interests), from Southeastern and Central Europe and Western Russia and the former-USSR, to North and Central Africa, to the Middle East, to Central and Southeast Asia, indelibly stains the hands of US administrations from Truman's to Clinton's to Obama's (just to cite the putatively 'non-martial' governments run by Democratic Party hacks).

Yes, Susan Rice is a woman of color. But the most important consideration of her color is not of the melanin on her brow, but of the crimson on her hands.

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