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Rise Up, Worker! by Ljubodrag 'Duci' Simonovic

Ljubodrag Duci Simonović


[This is the latest from our dear comrade Duci Simonovic. And it's a welcome adjustment to the fluffy "Oh, glory, Springtime for Democracy comes early this year" delusions being propagated by all sides in the West over the willful destabilization of neocolonial states throughout the Middle East and Central Asia.

Demostrations calling for a change in government in Imperialist client states, are like volleyball practice being called on A deck after you've hit the iceberg.

Our only hope is to reorganize the systems of reproduction and circulation unto redefining value, or we'll all (those of us sadly still left) be sharing our last meal of smoked sand with our very thin offspring somewhere down McCarthy's Road.

Listen to Simonovic. This book is just a fiver (5 euros) and, believe me, it's more nourishing than 5 euros worth of any food--even that Bio shit--that you'll find anywhere out there.

To order a copy, send Simonovic an email (, or see his web site on the left column of our Blogcollective site. --mc]


A worker is not “the work force”.

A worker is a man.

Man is a life-creating, historic, libertarian, universal creative and social being.

The nature of the contemporary workers’ class struggle is conditioned by the nature of contemporary capitalism.

Capitalism is based on ecocidal terrorism.

The annihilation of nature as a life-creating whole is at the same time the annihilation of men as natural and human beings.

Instead of Marx’s notion of “alienation” (Entfremdung), the key notion in the critique of capitalism should be destruction.

Marx's revolutionary humanism opposes capitalism as a system of non-freedom, injustice, and non-reason, and advocates freedom, social justice, and a reasonable world, which means that it appears in the essential sphere.

Existential humanism emerges in relation to capitalism as a destructive order that annihilates nature and man as a biological and human being – and places the struggle for the survival of the living world in the foreground, which means that it appears in the existential sphere.

The anticipation of the future, as a concrete anticipation of a concrete future, must anticipate the development of capitalism, that is, the consequences generated by capitalism as a destructive order that inevitably condition man’s freedom and, along with it, the possibility of a future and its concrete nature.

Capitalist development of productive forces does not enhance the certainty of human survival, as Marx argues, but questions it more and more dramatically.

Instead of fighting to increase their consumer-standards, the workers should be fighting to increase their living standards.

The emancipated ecological consciousness became a necessary condition for the creation of the contemporary revolutionary consciousness.

Capitalism transformed the historical being of the working class and created conditions such that its main historical task is not only to abolish class society and liberate humankind from oppression, as it is with Marx, but to prevent the annihilation of humankind.

The conforming behaviour of workers is, in fact, the consequence of the class domination by the bourgeoisie, and not a process that proceeds by itself, with a fatalistic character.

The capitalist propaganda machinery strives to hide the most important thing: capitalists' fear of workers as a potentially revolutionary agent was, and still is, the most important feature of capitalist political practice.

Democracy” is a political form of the domination of capital over people.

Capitalist “democracy” is not based on human and civil rights, but on the absolutized principle of profit, which in turn is based on the absolutized principle of private property.

When private property is the absolute principle, then the worst crimes are legal and legitimate if they serve to prevent the disintegration of the ruling order.

Man's right to freedom and life is subordinated to the right of capitalism to survival.

It becomes more and more obvious that capitalism creates an increasingly deep social and ecological crisis that it cannot control.

The transition of capitalism is going on, from the stage of “controlled” to the stage of uncontrolled chaos.

A specificity of capitalism is that, in contrast to “classical” barbarism (which is of destructive, murderous and plundering nature) it annihilates life by creating a “new world” – a “technical civilization” and an adequate, dehumanized and denaturalized man.

“Humanization of life” is being limited to the creation of micro-climatic conditions, of special capitalistic incubators – completely commercialized artificial living conditions to which degenerated people are appropriate.

Capitalism destroys man as a social being.

Loneliness is spreading like the plague.

Capitalism turns man from a social being into a consumer being, and society from a community of emancipated people into a consumer crowd.

The creation in man of fear of others is one of the most horrible crimes committed by capitalism against humankind.

As far as the Internet is concerned, the increasing possibilities of technical “communication” are becoming a substitute for the decreasing possibilities of authentic human communication.

The computer screen does not show the true picture of a man, but his mask.

The Internet does not serve to establish interpersonal contacts, but technical relations where people are “freed” from the sensual, erotic, emotional, and ultimately from social existence and social mediation.

One becomes “free” from the world where man cannot realize his humanity as he is reduced to a technically disguised apparition.

To accept the virtual world means, in fact, to accept the existing world where there is no place for youth, love, future...

To destroy man as a social being by means of technology and the “consumer” way of life is the most efficient way toward his depolitization.

Capitalism has established a universal exploitation of women.

Women is reduced to a housewife and prostitute, a working force and consumer, mother and advertising doll, policewoman and soldier, capitalist and politician...

Literally every part of the woman's body, from nails to womb, has become the means for the creation of profit.

The woman is an anthropological manifestation of the life-creating power of the living world and thus is a symbolical being.

The capitalist form of “woman's emancipation” turned into destruction of the woman as a generative being, and thus the destruction of society's reproductive ability.

The sterilization of the life-creating power (fecundity) of living creatures has become a universal principle of capitalist development.

The subordination of all life to the growing velocity of capital reproduction is one of the key causes of the dramatic reduction in the birth rate in developed capitalist countries.

The recuperation of man’s life-creating ability as a fecund (life-creating) being represents one of the most important challenges that capitalism poses for man.

Terrorism is a capitalistically degenerated form of the fight against capitalism – destructive violence that uses capitalist means and methods – and only contributes to the intensification of the process of destruction.

It does not long for creation of the new world, but for annihilation of the existing world: this is the essential difference between revolutionary struggle and terrorist actions.

"Fight against terrorism" becomes a pretext for introduction of global terror by the most powerful capitalist corporations.

Those who terrorize the world in the form of the "fight against terrorism" try to crush all those who threaten their efforts to transform the entire world into their own concentration camp.

The offered "protection" from terrorism is of a mafia nature: those who do not accept the iron embrace of the "global policeman" will be exposed to the worst American terror.

The main objective of the “fight against terrorism” is to create, through controlled media, an existential panic that will make citizens obediently accept such “protection from the terrorist threat” as provided by the ruling order, which involves depriving the citizens of their basic human and civil rights.

Tens of millions of cameras, implanted bugs and chips, similar to the chips implanted in dogs and cattle, entering flats, kidnapping, torture, “silent” liquidations, total control of the media, deployment of special military units in towns…

“The fight against terrorism” is, actually, a form of open dictatorship, by which capitalists declare war against their fellow citizens.

Fanatics of capitalism are the worst sort of terrorists: they are destroying life on Earth.

Capitalist totalitarianism is the most perilous form of totalitarianism ever created.

It is based upon the total commercialization of nature and of society.

Each part of the planet, each segment of social and individual life has become an integral part of the destructive capitalist growth mechanism.

Contemporary capitalist totalitarianism is based upon destructive nihilism: it annihilates both the idea of transcendence and the idea of a future (past) and thus it also annuls the very possibility of establishing a critical distance from the existing world.

Capitalism abolishes history, transforming historical time into mechanical occurrence, that is, into a positive nothingness.

The most perilous characteristic of capitalism is related to the fact that, from the results of life-destruction, it creates a source of profit and, thus, a basis for its own further development, where man's creative powers become a vehicle for the development of the destructive powers of capitalism and for acceleration of the destruction process.

Capitalism has become a self-reproducing mechanism of destruction, which, to the living world, represents what a malignant tumour represents to an organism: it extends its own lifetime by devouring all that provides humankind with a chance for survival.

The ecocidal capitalist fury has given rise to a genocidal doctrine and practice that “overcome” both Malthus’ theory and Nazi barbarism: destroying more and more people becomes the basic condition of the survival of fewer and fewer people.

In respect to the repeated “argument” that “overpopulation” is the main cause of the increasing shortages of drinking water, food and energy, it should be said that the Americans, Europeans and Japanese, whose populations total about one billion, use (destroy) the same amount of water, food and energy as 500 billion people would use at today’s rates of consumption in the underdeveloped countries.

Not a shortage of natural resources, but a shortage of humanity - which above all means domination by the inhuman and destructive capitalist order – is the main cause of the ever-deepening existential crisis.

Fascism is the clenched fist of capitalism in crisis.

The champions of contemporary fascism are not the groups of young people “adorned” with the Nazi symbols, but capitalist corporations that, generating the increasing existential and, therefore, overall social crisis, generate a fascist ideology.

The ruling principle of monopoly capitalism, “Destroy the competition!” is a generator of the contemporary fascist practice both in the economic and in the political spheres.

The contemporary situation in the USA and Europe suggests that German fascism was but one of the historical manifestations of fascism and that fascism is the enfant terrible of capitalism.

Capitalism deprives life of its human purpose and thus of the essential.

We are witnessing a capitalist levelling: everything is standardized, everything is on the consumer assembly-line turning faster and faster.

The promotional postcard of capitalism does not display an imagined man.

The “society of the spectacle” (Debord) is the manifestation of a world ruled by destructive nothingness.

Life itself has become a destruction of reason and the need for reason.

The terror of a positive life and a positive ratio has been established.

A great idea does exist, but its voice does not reach the people deafened by commercial ads.

A mountain looms out of the fog, but people are blinded by the spotlights of “consumer society” and are unable to see it.

The colours of life have waned under the dazzling lights of the “consumer society”.

The darkness of death is hidden under colourful propaganda messages.

In commercials, everybody is “happy”.

The tragic has drowned in “Coca Cola”.

Consumer-man has killed homo sapiens.

Capitalism generates the pathological man that accepts destruction as way of life.

The petit bourgeois is a man degenerated in a capitalist way.

The final process of the capitalist degeneration of man as a human and biological being is under way.

It is about the creation of a “mondialist man” suited to the nature of contemporary capitalism.

He is deprived of a libertarian and visionary consciousness, particularly of the responsibility for the destruction of the world.

What we have here is the “Titanic syndrome”: as the ship sinks – the music gets louder.

The basic task of the “mondialists” is to purify the world of its libertarian history and national cultures and turn it into a capitalist concentration camp.

The “European Union” is not a "democratic community of nations", but a form of integration of the European multinational corporations in their fight against the American corporations – which use the American state as a vehicle for the achievement of their interest at the global level.

The “European Union” is an anti-human and destructive order based upon the ruling principles of monopolist capitalism, "Big fish devours small fish!" and "Money does not stink!" .

The “European Union” is not based upon the emancipating traditions of European nations, but upon the imperialist traditions of European capitalism.

"European identity" cannot be built on formal principles (such as a constitution), but based on a libertarian tradition and on the cultural heritage of European nations.

Europeans must be judicious and resolute people who defy the processes of destruction of cultural heritage and of life in general; people who would, through political struggle, turn objectively accumulated potential for creation of a new world based on reason and freedom into the realistic potential for liberation.

Europe (world) should become a garden where flowers of all European cultures flourish together.

It is of no importance which flower is "bigger", but that each of them emanates its own scent.

It is about implementation of the leading ideas of the French Revolution, ideas that are not only humanistic, but have become basic existential principles.

Only based upon a struggle for the new world can the emancipating legacy of the European and other nations living in Europe be achieved.

Europe will overcome the growing social crisis by creating a new world – or it will collapse.

For the European nations, acceptance of the "American way of life" means suicide.

Concerning the strategy of survival of “small countries”, events in the world evermore dramatically indicate how fatal is the strategy of “defending the national interests” based on crawling before the mighty.

This strategy has turned out to be not only humiliating, but fatal for national survival.

Ideologues of capitalism create an illusion that the ruling relation to reality is based on a certain way of thinking, which means that it has a rational nature.

Philosophy has become a “rational” echo of destructive capitalist irrationality.

Humanity will again appreciate the importance of serious thinking when people return to the basic existential questions.

Capitalistically degenerated art mutilates the human with an “artistic” form, which acquires a spectacular dimension.

Capitalistically degenerated art has become a spectacular kitsch.

The “spectacle” does not only serve to deceive – it does not only prevent man from seeing the important, but kills in him his human being and thus the very possibility to see the important.

A blind man is not blind.

Blind is the man who cannot see humanity in the other.

A capitalistically degenerated technique deprived art of elitist exclusivity by depriving it of its humane essence.

The development of an “esthetical sense” is achieved by destroying the sense of the human.

It turns out that there is no use in making art a means for changing the world if it is not an integral part of a comprehensive political movement seeking to create a new world.

Thus a distinction should be made between a false (capitalistically degenerated) art and a libertarian and genuine art.

The role of a libertarian art is to unmask the true nature of capitalism; to create the vision of a new world; to indicate objective possibilities for the creation of a new world and, most importantly, to develop man's need for another man – as the basis of a genuine socialization without which no political movement can save the world from destruction.

Scientists have become the capitalists paid murderers and the driving force in the destruction of the world.

A vast majority of scientists are engaged in the production of weapons of mass destruction, devices for mass control, the genetic distortion of man, the destruction of nature, the manipulation and idiotization of people...

Scientific knowledge has been deprived not only of its human purpose; it has acquired an anti-existential nature.

The “invasion of space” has made man face the immense universe in a way that reduces the earth to a tiny cosmic speck that can disappear at any moment.

Asteroids, comets, supernovas, black holes, anti-matter – all these phenomena become the projections of a fear of destruction created by capitalism as a destructive order.

Time and universe are relativized and thus the notion of the real time in which we live is lost.

To link humanity's near future to cosmic vastness is the fatal illusion created by the Hollywood film industry.

The earth becomes a springboard for “conquering the universe”, and celestial bodies are the raw material and, as such, are subject to exploitation.

The myth of the “omnipotence of science and technology” has become a means for the creation of a capitalistically degenerated religious consciousness and, in that context, the image of the future.

The vision of “paradise”, in which the “souls of the deceased are united in God”, is replaced by the vision of a “perfect technical world”.

Ultimately, the “invasion of space” does not improve the state of humanity and does not increase the possibility of human survival, but hinders the fight against capitalism and contributes to the development of new mechanisms of domination, manipulation and destruction.

Man’s unlimited creative powers are the “measure” of infinity: the enhancement of humanness represents widening of the boundaries of the new universe.

The essence of the physical universe is determinism; the essence of the human universe is freedom.

A thought, a song, a painting, an embrace – tell more about the essence of man as a specific cosmic being than do all the “space programs” combined.

The occurrence of man is the only truly cosmic occurrence; man’s becoming human is the only truly cosmic process.

Metaphysical mysticism and religious fanaticism are but another side of the “technical civilization”, which deprived life of meaning and turned man into the means for capital reproduction.

Religion is less and less a spiritual need, and more and more an escape from capitalist nothingness and the expression of a fear of disappearance.

In contemporary capitalism, to appeal to God is, actually, a way in which the petite bourgeoisie gets rid of its responsibility for destroying the world.

The leading religions are not only a means for doing away with the emancipatory legacy of civil society, but also with the faith that life on the earth can be preserved.

From a means for destroying man's libertarian dignity, religion turned into a tool for destroying the will to live.

Ultimately, people are not divided into atheists and theists, but into those who fight for capitalism and those who fight against capitalism – to preserve life on the planet and create a humane world.

The “crisis of the left“ as an organized political movement has resulted from the conflict between capitalism and the emancipating patrimony of civil society, in the course of which all those political movements and concepts that open a possibility for the creation of a new world are being degenerated and eliminated.

Capitalism has turned the political sphere into a political market where each party strives to optimally sell its own political program (political commodities) and to convert its social influence into cash, starting from the interest of bureaucratized and corrupt party oligarchies.

An immediate effect of the corruption of (nominally) “leftist” parties is the establishing of an increasingly large anti-capitalist movement that does not consent to a dominant role for parties belonging to the political establishment.

The original leftist thought, the one that insists on freedom and social justice, is mostly present among the most deprived working layers and the young – those who are vitally interested in the realization of the original leftist ideas.

In spite of the harsh anti-communist propaganda, where the ideal of communism is reduced to the practice of Stalinism and this to the “gulags”, communism appears as the only real alternative to capitalism and the only possible future of humanity – in both the essential and existential sense.

The general crisis of capitalism, which grew to dramatic proportions in the autumn of 2008, made Karl Marx the most widely read author in the West.

The victory of the left has become the necessary condition for the survival of humanity.

The war against capitalism can be won only from the experiences gained in the lost battles for a humane society.

The affirmation of man as a creative and libertarian being is a response to the world where man is alienated from himself as a creative and libertarian being.

The assertion that man is a life-creating being is a response to the world based upon the destruction of life.

The most important task for the humanist intelligentsia is to develop in contemporary man a self-consciousness that will provide humankind with the possibility to survive.

The humanist intelligentsia has to draw attention to the increasingly dramatic consequences of the development of capitalism as a destructive order and to the existing objective possibilities for the creation of a new world.

At the same time, it needs to develop a political strategy that will become the starting point for the creation of global forms of political struggle that would stop the destruction of life on the planet and create a new world.

We are not suggesting the development of a distinctive intellectual “elite” that would declare itself “the conscience” of humankind and thus become a group alienated from “ordinary” people, but a commitment by people conscious of the destructive nature of capitalism and willing to dedicate their lives to the struggle for the preservation of life and the freedom of humankind.

A genuine humanist intelligentsia needs to light the road to the future.

In the context of an increasingly dramatic existential crisis generated by capitalism, it needs to become a lighthouse that will shine with an expanding glow, as the darkness generated by capitalism grows thicker.

The Promethean principle has become a basic existential principle.

That is why it is of crucial importance not to make compromises and not to adjust to the current political situation.

A compromise results in the loss of the ability to create light – without which humankind will vanish into the darkness of destructive capitalist nothingness.

“Consumer society” represents the last offensive of capitalism and announces its complete and definitive disintegration.

The struggle for freedom becomes the struggle for survival.

In order to survive, man has no one to address for assistance but another man.

Sociability is an existential imperative.

The survival of each represents the basic condition for the survival of all.

Never in history has man confronted a task related to the preservation of life on the planet and to preventing the annihilation of humankind.

Capitalism generates a destructive man that becomes a vehicle for the development of capitalism, that is, for the destruction of life.

Concurrently, capitalism generates the increasingly militant anti-capitalist man who identifies the meaning of life in destroying capitalism and preserving life on Earth, through the creation of a new world.

An increasingly intensive destruction of life results in a more and more ruthless conflict between these two types of men, which actually represent the contemporary class division of the world: a class of destructive capitalist fanatics and a class of reasonable and uncompromising combatants for the survival of humankind.

In the struggle for the preservation of life and the creation of a new world, man will become a true man.

He is not a mythological man who will, like a present-day Phoenix, ascend from the ashes of capitalism, with his wings unharmed.

He is a concrete man who will experience the consequences of the destruction of nature with his entire being, for he represents its organic part.

This is what modern tragedy rests on: man experiences the world's annihilation as his own annihilation.

Man no longer needs science or philosophy to be able to understand that capitalism destroys life on the planet.

Essential relativism is replaced by existential obviousness.

The biological clock of humanity is ticking away.

Time began to run backwards – from the zero ecological milestone which, if overstepped, is humanity’s doom.

Man can only fight for survival.

Man cannot and must not be pessimistic.

He must not allow everyday life and the ruling propaganda machinery to bring him to such a psychical state that he gives up on everything and surrenders to nothingness – heading towards death.

Faith in the future has become not only the basic essential, but also the basic existential imperative.

Only a man who has not lost this basic human quality, his need for other human beings, can strive for a humane world.

When a man loses human warmth, he becomes a living dead.

The amount of evil inflicted on people by capitalism is outrageous...

The amount of humanity’s suffering is outrageous...

And a new, humane world is at hand.

All that is needed is to organize and fight.

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