[With the Fascist rampage against History as a way to terrorize the world public into accepting Exchange Value—in its most mindless, immaterial, and speculative form—which so obviously has sucked all the (Real) Life from anything that anymore resembles Use Value (concentrating the largest part of human [re]productive energies into the creation of pure, and even toxic, Waste, privileging exchanges of Nothing for Nothing, accompanied by unimaginably large brokerage fees, interest charges, back-end point on the distributor’s gross, penalties for early withdrawal and other such forms of financial racketeering, and completely corroding the whole process of life)—the Global Economy finds itself having been turned into a great Human History shredder (sorta, HIGO: human history in, garbage out)—with even its insensate production of destruction—the manufacture of war and needless suffering unto death—not being able to bring it to social and political equilibrium.

At this crucial time, in Europe and elsewhere, the Greek Communist Party (KKE) has sent us (and the CPUSA) a reminder that the illusion of advanced Waste Capitalist progress (the Waste stage developed directly from the Monopoly stage which Lenin described in his 1917 ‘Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism’) is just that, an illusion—or, perhaps, by now it is painful enough to be considered a delusion. The KKE also remind us that the only solution to our recurring agony lies with ‘the working class, the self-employed, the poor farmers, and the youth.’

Because back in 1914, global Monopoly Capitalism resorted to World War to keep itself ahead of the advancing demands of Human Need organized in the popular forces of socialism-communism. Since then, it has become essential to the continuity of this pathological system of false value to invert the historical roles of ‘Aggressor’ and ‘Aggressed,’ of ‘Villain’ and ‘Victim.’ False values falsify History.

At the end of the Monopoly stage, in Italy, was born a philosophical rationale for maintaining a moribund Capitalist production and circulation system (by then totally breathless, by now totally self-consumptive): Fascism. And it is Fascism that has inherited this desperately vile job of altering the Human Historical Record. The chief drive of this effete anti-intellectual intellectual movement (begun by Croce and Gentile, Italian educators, who longed for a return to the lovey courts of the Ceasars) was Anti-Communism. Simply: Fascism is Anti-Communism, hence Communism is Anti-Fascism.

This is from whence comes our preoccupation here at CM/P with Anti-Fascism in the defense of Peace, and Truth and Justice in History. –mc]

{{And as an extra treat, we have added a Communiqué from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation on these very crucial subjects: Fascism and the devaluation of Human History and Human Life. —mc}}


Communist Party of Greece - [13 May 2010] Message to the National Committee
of CP, USA

Communist Party USA,
National Committee,
New York
Athens, Thursday, 13 May 2010

Dear comrades,

We would like to thank you for the information regarding your 29th party convention and to extend our greetings to the delegates. Our parties have met in the past in common struggles for workers' rights, in the struggle against anti-communism, for the defense of socialism and the Soviet Union, for the unity of the communist movement on the basis of our revolutionary principles and traditions.

We are following as closely as we can the developments in the USA, the escalation of the aggression of US imperialism which lately has become quite obvious. The US is striving to respond to the trend of losing ground within the framework of the imperialist system by inciting regional tensions and conflicts, so that it can take advantage of its political and military supremacy in order to safeguard its interests and maintain its spheres of influence.

In Greece, the working class and the popular strata are facing a barbaric attack, on the pretext of the economic crisis; an attack which has been jointly unleashed by the social democratic PASOK government, the EU and the IMF, with the assistance of the conservative ND party and the open support of the nationalist LAOS party.

The remarkable resistance presented by the labor and popular movements is spearheaded by KKE which continually strives to reveal the real cause of the crisis, the sharpening of the basic contradictions of capitalism. Without the consistent exposure of the compromised and discredited in the eyes of the workers trade union leaderships of GSEE and ADEDY (the national confederations of the private and public sectors, respectively), without the decisive contribution of PAME (All Workers' Militant Front), the national trade union front comprised of class oriented Federations, trade unions,
labor centers and trade unionists, the labor movement in our country would have been disarmed, unprepared, and unable to fight back.

KKE calls upon the working class, the self-employed, the poor farmers, and the youth to engage in even stronger, more massive and organized actions in order to stave off the onslaught and pave the way for a different path ofdevelopment. There can be no way other than the nationalization of the monopolies. The working class must take possession of the concentrated means of production and mobilize them with central planning and popular participation. This presupposes a struggle aiming for people's power, for socialism-communism.

The fightback against anti-communism, the adamant defense of the historical contribution of the Soviet Union and socialist construction in the 20th
century, of the identity and revolutionary traditions of the communist movement, take on particular importance today.

As long as the crisis of the international communist movement persists, as long as the situation does not improve and retreats from ideological and
theoretical principles are not resolutely confronted, as long as the front against opportunist views that hinder the formation of a single revolutionary strategy against imperialism does not become strengthened, the situation will harbor the danger of an even greater backslide.

The existence of strong Communist Parties, steadfast to the principles of Marxism-Leninism and proletarian internationalism, with a revolutionary
program for the overthrow of the rule of monopolies, for building socialism-communism, is the foremost demand of our times.

We look forward to learning the conclusions and the resolutions of your convention.

With comradely greetings

The Central Committee of KKE


**The Communiqué from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation**

The International Scientific Conference "For historical truth and truthful reflection of the epoch" was held in Moscow.

The participants of the Conference are all convinced that the 65 years that have passed since the Victory Day over Nazi Germany have not dimmed the importance of feat of the world peoples, who managed to defend their freedom and independence, to rebuff the deadly threat to all humanity. Therefore, attempts to distort the history of the Second World War are simply disgusting.

Among manifestations of such efforts are the resolutions of the Council of Europe, of the OSCE, and of European Parliament, in which the socio-political systems of Hitler's Germany and the Soviet Union have been put in the same league. The regime that brought enslavement and death to the population of the planet is announced to be identical with the social system, which, under the historical conditions existing at the time, played main role in the victory over Nazi Germany and its allies. Fascism was born from capitalism and imperialism. This is the truth. School textbooks and manuals, pseudo-historical writings and mass media materials, in every way, exaggerate the importance of the Anglo-American troops in liberating Europe from fascism, and belittle, even deny, the liberative mission of the Red Army. The Resistance Movement is being deliberately forgotten, as is the important role of the communists and anti-fascists in the armed struggle against the occupation forces of the Hitler coalition.

Now, as before, the falsification of history is carried out by imperialism under the pretext of political considerations. Being concerned about the possible political and social consequences of the current economic crisis, the establishments of some countries tend to discredit the socialist alternative, to slander the Soviet Union and the communists around the world, in an attempt to erase the value of their decisive contribution to the victory over the mortal enemy of mankind - fascism.

Protesting against the falsification of history, the Conference participants call for an effective advocacy of the truth about the history of World War II, in schools and universities, in textbooks and other printed publications, in oral presentations in the media and materials that are distributed over the Internet. An intensification of such efforts is needed in order to clear the public consciousness, especially the consciousness of the younger generation, from the poison of false, anti-historical propaganda, to put the world’s people wise to the authentic causes and nature of the Second World War, of those, who were the true winners of the war.

Fifty scientists and politicians from 21 countries, as well as representatives from international organizations like the WPC, FIR and WIDF, took part in the Conference, which was organized and hosted by the CPRF.

International Department of the CPRF Central Committee